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In Aurum Veritas est!

December 26, 2008 We are proud to announce our grand re-opening of the PrivateGoldTrader.com

After some delay we finally made it! You now have the finest choice for:

  • privacy oriented tradings in digital gold currencies
  • lowest fees
  • integrity and security
  • old style business approach, no DNA-samples nesessary!

In Aurum Veritas est!
  November 23, 2008: The first exchanges in supragold and pecunix have been made! Please remind of our low fees of an average of only 3.2%

In Aurum Veritas est!

Did you know? PGT never requires any 'due diligence' or identification from their clients. We respect your privacy, we never report to anybody sbout your activities.

We strongly believe in 'bearer money', be it the regular money note or the digital gold currency.

PGT is Market Maker in the following fine DGC's
c-gold VMoney
e-gold, egold
pecunix e-currency
Liberty Reserve
e-bullion e-currency
We Accept Western Union!
We Accept MoneyGram!!

Don't know your client (DKYC)

PGT is here to restore the old way of doing business

Pecunix, GoldMoney, SupraGold, C-gold, LibertyReserve  and other Digital Gold Currencies (DGC) arrived at the internet some years ago and are there to stay! After some painful starting woes these currencies all managed to survive and are gaining market share daily. In the beginning only the nerds and avant-gardists realized the potential of these privately issued currencies, but since a few years all have gained mainstream potential. And then there was this incident, on Sept. 11, 2001, which changed the landscape of doing business: So called Patriot Acts were enabled, which makes every cash payer a potential terrorist, opening bank accounts became a major hassle and moving money through 'established' banking channels a suspicious activity.

That's where PGT (PrivateGoldTrader) comes into play: We are just overfed with today's KYC-business atmosphere. It's just snooping around, creating huge databases around the globe to have a perfect map of asset movement. Why would somebody wanted such a map? Because to fleece you with imburdened taxes, as all governments are desperate to increase their base of income. Don't be a part of it, shift your assets into precious metals, but do it without a trail - do it the PGT-style!

Private Gold Trader (or short PGT) is a group of privacy and liberty loving people, who oppose the concept of ‘Know your customer’ (KYC). We believe in freedom of the individual, the free movement of assets, the unrestricted opportunity to conduct business worldwide and twe support the free banking principle. Our approach is: ‘Don’t know your customer’ (DKYC) We are 3 people, with different experiences: technology, offshore banking and privacy. The head of our group, Jorge Amanda, is well known throughout South America, the other group members have been involved in important back office work for financial institutions in the past.

  • Company Reg. #: 6645278/01
  • License #: 666-327-02
  • TaxID: expempted
  • License Desc.: The license we hold is an universal trading license for precious metals (gold, platinum, silver, palladium) and fiat currencies, issued by the finance minister from Somaliland, in the year 2001.
Why Gold?
Perhaps no other market in the world better reflects human sentiment of greed and fear than Gold. It has the universal appeal as a flight to safety and of rarity, beauty, if not it’s supposed indestructibility. Nations have embraced gold as a store of wealth and a medium of international exchange; individuals have sought to possess gold as insurance against the day-to-day uncertainties of paper money.
No ID required
Immediate Settlement
or Flexible Settlement
Low Fees
Cash possible

In these uncertain times we have seen a rush of interest into the precious metal markets. Gold’s importance in world markets and responsiveness to world events make gold bullion, futures and options an important risk management tool for commercial interests as well as a speculative medium for investors and traders. The other precious metal markets, specifically Silver and Platinum also provide for opportunity. Also the more specific Palladium and Rhodium markets have been reignited with interest in recent times.


James Turk, the founder of GoldMoney said on November 20, 2005 (source):

... The above events and the others documented in these alerts indicate that something important is happening. When it comes to markets, anything of course is possible. Nevertheless, it is apparent that gold is in a major bull market. It is rising against all of the world's national currencies. We are seeing a global flight out of paper money into the safety and security of gold. What's more, these charts show though that gold is only in the early stages of its bull market, so the uptrend shown for gold in the above charts (as well as its uptrends against the other national currencies shown in other alerts) is likely to continue.



Digital Currencies:
  SupraGold   Goldmoney v-money
  Pecunix   c-gold LibReserve
  Privacy.li   Trilightzone GnuPG
  Intl. Alliance   Perfect Privacy  Securstar
  Ino.com   Charts RT-Quotes
  FinCen   Money Laundering  

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Illusions of Prosperity

Gold's Bull Market Reconfirmed

In Aurum Veritas est!
In Aurum Veritas est!. In Aurum Veritas est!
We are approaching the moment of truth: COMEX-traded gold is going to be called for delivery at the end of 2008! Usually 1-3% of all traded gold contracts are actually to be delivered, all others are financial bets settled before expiration by using fiat currencyFollow the meltdown here
Comments on gold and currencies: We like the daily chart analysis and comments of this web site ....
more information...
Offshore Banking, or better DKYC-Banking is possible, if you combine a DKYC-currency, like supragold or libertyreserve, with our exchange service: we do accept mailed-in cash, already a private, even anonymous way of paying. At PGT we give you the digital gold for it, not questions asked, and you are all set to conduct business without revealing any private data about yourself.

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